BLUE CHEER - Live at Anti WAA Festival (CD) - Collector's item

BLUE CHEER - Live at Anti WAA Festival (CD) - Collectors item
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BLUE CHEER – Live at Anti WAA Festival 1989  (CD or DVD)


Once upon a time, a long time ago, before the ice armour of political correctness froze the country deep und made submission the principle of society again, then there was a time when the youth of Germany and Europe took to the streets and fought for specific political aims: not only the youth, but all people,  of all degrees of education, all age groups and all political camps (from left to center to the right) …

1989 marked, at least for Germany, the turning and, at the same time, final point …
People from a small region in Germany, Upper Palatia in northern Bavaria, rose up against corporate power, here the power of energy trusts;  they rose against the construction of a new nuclear reprocessing plant … and they won … and maybe they saved us from an extreme disaster like later in Fukushima, or in 1979 Harrisburg or in 1986 in Chernobyl.
And the people had WON … and the people celebrated a big party, the last ANTI WAA Festival, on July 15 and 16, 1989!

In the same period of time, millions of people already had risen up, in eastern Germany, to storm and take down a totalitarian stalinist system, full of human despise. And also they won … at first; and also they celebrated a big party, as can be seem in the media for their 25th anniversary celebartions.
These were the last great victories of independance in this country.

BLUE CHEER were never a political band, as Dickie Peterson, the bandboss, stated in the interview to be seen on this DVD. They played for ordinary people from the working class just as well as for the freedom loving hipsters of the post-beatnik movement in California, where they often appeared with a.o.  Jack Kerouac’s buddy Neil Cassady, in musical read-ins and for happennings.
BLUE CHEER played heavy music, heavy and wild like America, like no one else had ever heard before and thus created a brandnew musical style; their genius adaptation of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues” in 1968 started the musical genre of HEAVY Rock or Metal. BLUE CHEER were ahead of even the MC5 or the Stooges or Amboy Dukes or Grandfunk Railroad and „long“ before e.g. Black Sabbath.

20 years BLUE CHEER had not been to Europe (after their legendary Beat Club gig on German tv and one show in Amsterdam), when they returned for a tour in 1988. It was planned that the two original members Dickie Peterson (vocals, bass) and Paul Whaley (drums; groupie hero, a.o. Janis Joplins longtime lover, just like Linda McCartney’s, then Eastman …), would play together with their then new (how many were there?) guitarist, Andrew “Duck” MacDonald. Unfortunately Whaley, due to “substantial” problems, could not get a visa; that’s why this 88 tour was with NY top session drum hero Dave Salce (to be heard on the legendary live album „Blitzkrieg over Nüremberg“ record on Nibelung Records

So, another European tour was scheduled for the winter of 1989 to be followed by the recording of the new studio album  „Highlights & Lowlives“ (1990, Nibelung Records).
BLUE CHEERs record label and management, at the time, based in Regensburg, were asked, if they could contribute any artists to the already impressive line up of the festival. They could!
First BLUE CHEER were added; and also Bob Dylan’s  congenial „support“ band THE BAND had already consented; but the latter, now in their turn, could not make it, due to „substantial“ problems of Rick Danko (r.i.p.) A “replacement” was soon found with the iconic UK heroes, THE GROUNDHOGS around guitar legend Tony McPhee (admired from the Stones to Hendrix to Gallagher). McPhee, asked by BLUE CHEER, also joined them at their gig for a  jam session of “Hoochie Coochie Man”, which can be heard and seen both on this CD and DVD.
This marked the beginning of a lifelong close friendship between the two bands and their members.

So, BLUE CHEER came to Europe three months earlier than planned, in order to headline this important political festival, the GRAND FINALE: the last band on the last festival.
And this time they did bring, first time after 21 years, their legendary original drummer Paul Whaley; they played thus in original line-up, considering the fact that BLUE CHEER changed guitar players faster and more ofte than some people change their underwear.

After a, as usual,  breathtaking performance from their old friends “Ten Years After” with guitar ace Alvin Lee (r.i.p.), BLUE CHEER took to the stage around midnight … a heavy task … and mastered it in a worldclass manner. At first  a little hesitant they then stormed from song to song, heavy, bass riffs Lemmy from Motörhead would be jealous of, through to their finale furioso, their “Summertime Blues”, which had the audience go completely mad:
“I'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler.“  … „I'm gonna take my problem to the United Nations. Well, I called my congressman and he said, quote:"”I'd like to help you, son,but you're too young to vote" ”… there ain't no cure for the summertime blues.”

This time we did not have to take it to the United Nations; this time there was no Summertime BLUES (only musically), this time “fuss and holler” were sufficient, the people on the street.
And the people had cast their vote: people’s voice! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

For BLUE CHEER this phenomenal show marked the beginning of their second prime: SECOND TIME AROUND (one of their heaviest songs in the set.)

After this  BLUE CHEER spent the following three months in  Regensburg,  working on pre-production of their sensational studio comeback album  „Highlights & Lowlives“ (1990, Nibelung Records), together with Grunge inventor and producer guru Jack Endino (a.o.Nirvana, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dogs, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, TAD …).

Paul Whaley still lives in Regensburg today.

CDs are in cardboard gatefold sleeve in vinyl style; DVDs are Digipack.
This first edition is strictly limited to 2.000 pieces for each item worldwide!

The CDs and DVDs of this unique time documents
BLUE CHEER – Live at Anti WAA Festival 1989    -   CD oder DVD (2014, Nibelung Records)
GROUNDHOGS - Live at Anti WAA Festival 1989    -   CD oder DVD (2014, Nibelung Records)
are exclusively available at very select special shops or the label‘s Homepage
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BLUE CHEER - Live at Anti WAA Festival (CD) - Collectors item
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